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DCNR list of Invasive Plant Species


DCNR defines invasive plants as those species that are not native to the state, grow aggressively, and spread and displace native vegetation. Invasive plants are generally undesirable because they are difficult and costly to control and can dominate whole habitats, making them environmentally destructive in certain situations. 

Not all non-native plants become invasive. In fact, very few actually do. The plants listed here have been de-termined by DCNR to be invasive on State Forest and State Park lands and may act aggressively in other parts of Pennsylvania. Some of the species listed below are only invasive in certain environmental conditions and there may be cases where they may be used with little environmental risk. This list was compiled through co-ordinated efforts between ecologists in Pennsylvania and other natural resource partners. 

New species cross state borders and some plants that have been here for decades may suddenly become inva-sive due to changing land uses, changes in weather or climate, or genetic reasons, so this list may change over time and will be updated periodically. This list is not regulatory. It is used to guide the management efforts of DCNR lands because of knowledge that these species can become invasive under the right environmental con-ditions. 

To learn more about invasive plants in Pennsylvania and how they can be controlled, visit 


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List of Native Plants in Western PA


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