People choose to have a privacy fence installed for a variety of reasons; increase property security, screen out unwanted sights and sounds from surrounding neighbors or traffic, and also to protect their children and pets. Privacy fencing is ideal for those who live in densely populated areas, near busy roads, or close to commercial centers.  And, if you have a pool, enjoy sunbathing, or have an outdoor hot tub, privacy fencing offers you the seclusion to keep unwanted eyes away.



Quality fences can transform your yard into an additional living space. Installing screening for your deck or patio creates a more intimate space for relaxing and for entertaining your guests. 



You don't have to think of your privacy fence as a simply a border to your yard.  We can help design a fence that will become a part of your yard and reflect your indivudal personality.  Looking for artistic flare? Our in-house artist can design a mural for your fence!  Why not make your new privacy fence part of your landscape?


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